Worth It

image1                                                                                             Por Morgana Alves de Britto

It’s sad how I see

Situations passing before my eyes

And when I realize

I am part of the situation

I’m the one discussing

I’m the one there

Trying to convince someone of something

And I can’t understand why I am not able to shut up

Why do I have to try to fix everything

Where does all this anger come from

That overflows in me

Burns me and everybody else

Like a river of lava

That destroys and absorbs everything that touches

Will it be worth it?

Will I be happier if I can convince someone that something is wrong with the world?

There is some sort of hope inside me

That I can’t understand at all

But that believes that the purpose of life is to be better

It is to grow, learn, evolve

And it seems crazy to me when people don’t see it

Or when they have everything to improve and do nothing

So I can’t rest

I can’t have peace

People may call it madness

I will choose to simply call it a dream

And what I can dream, I can achieve


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