Por Bruna Machado, Julia Alves & Vinicios Lima

How can something be so noisy and silent at the same time? 

The sad thoughts and silent cry 

Always came to visit me in the lonely night 

Lying down on my bed, the emptiness in my heart and the screams in my head 

Smiles and hugs in front of this crowd 

But in the eyes a silent scream 

The emptiness is heavier than it seems 

Can’t you see me? 

Maybe their minds are as full as mine 

We’re just empty souls looking for something 

Hoping that someone will be open 

Before, I didn’t understand why life was so hard for you and now that you are gone I understood 

At the same time that I was with you I wasn’t there for you and I’m so sorry 

I met somebody new and I think he is broken like you 

But now I see 

And I think he sees the real me too 

Somehow I don’t feel invisible anymore 

And I won’t let this pain come in front of my door

It’s unbelievable this feeling of seeing you in someone else

Now I’m half empty 

Trying to remember how it feels to have a heartbeat.

Bruna Machado da Rosa, 23, professora de Língua Portuguesa pela UNIPAMPA (Jaguarão) tem interesse pelo ensino de línguas mediado pelas tecnologias e nos processos de escrita criativa. Atualmente acadêmica do 2º semestre do curso de Letras Adicionais UNIPAMPA (Bagé).

Julia Cristina Alves Barbosa, 19 anos, natural de São Paulo, Capital. Formada em técnico em logística pela Instituição Centro Paula Souza, ETEC Campus Vila Guilherme. Acadêmica de Letras – Línguas Adicionais, na UNIPAMPA, Campus Bagé.

Vinicios Lima Ferreira, 23 anos, Natural de Bagé, Rio Grande Do Sul, atualmente acadêmico em Letras – Línguas Adicionais, na UNIPAMPA, Campus Bagé.

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