Pokémon: Detective Pikachu

Por Eduarda Sifuentes

Personally, I think Pokémon: Detective Pikachu has some great points like the way they made the pokémons, because it is really wonderful to see them living side by side with humans in the modern world so harmoniously. Squirtle working at the fire station as partners of the firefighters? Who can deny that’s it amazing? Nobody, it’s our child’s dream being pictured in the best way they were able to do and imagine.

The biggest problem of the movie we find in the script, even though we know that the feature film in question is for kids, is truly disappointing the bad construction of one of the most important parts. And this spoils almost the whole film ‘cause we always know what and when something is going to happen.

Seeing the pokémon battles as clandestine in the movie, sincerely impacts me because we are so used to the point of view of the TV cartoon that showing them as honorable that never cross my mind that they are hurting the pokémons for winning little badges and leaving them weak to capture. So I believe that was excellent in Detective Pikachu the pokémons need to choose you for being their trainer.

Psyduck and Pikachu carry this film in their backs, they are sensational and always have some jokes to say. Ryan Reynolds did an astonishing and surprising job as a voice actor.

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Fonte: Slashfilm 

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